A little about your privacy.

I thought I would talk a little about privacy in case there are some that are worried about what is going on behind the scenes here in this site. I have no interest in datamining, or collecting your personal info for profit. I will not sell or rent any data that is collected here. All information that is collected will be for the purpose of providing you a helpful service. I will do all that I can to help protect the users data from falling into the wrong hands. Sensitive data is encrypted on the server so no one, not even myself can see it. This also means if it is forgotten it will have to be reset and reentered by you the user. Right now the only sensitive data collected is the user password. One may have noticed that every page sent over the net is encrypted. I have done this to help the user feel at ease and so that they know all personal data is important, not just sensitive data. The site does require cookies be enabled for it to work properly. The only data that will be saved in these cookies are basic user information pertaining to the site, thats it.

I hope this will reassure everyone that by using this site, one is not jeopardizing their personal data. If there are any questions feel free to send emails to questions@maintainr.com.

Thank you,